The Doorman Poem

The Doorman Poem

Excuse me excuse me
Who is in charge here
I mean who has the guest list
I must be on it
I am personal friends with just about
anybody you ever heard of
Just check the list
And I am sure that you will find my name
Why isn't anyone talking to me
Can somebody go get the manager
I am not used to being treated like this
Chains usually open when people see
me walking down the street
What is wrong with this club anyway
Why are you letting that asshole in
And not even looking at me
Who do you think you are
What is the owner's name
Give me his phone number
We'll straighten this out soon enough
How come this big guy is standing right next to me
Here I am trying to be polite and peaceful
And just try and get the free entrance that me and my friends deserve
And first you ignore me
Then you send this bruiser over to flex his muscles
What kinda place is this anyway
Hey you, the skinny one with the list
I am getting angry now
Just get over here and talk to me
Do you want to keep your job?

- Haoui Montaug (1952-1991)

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