This links page is meant to guide you towards pages connected with our nightclub and performance tribes and sites that we find helpful or inspirational. Have fun!

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Nightlife and Club Culture
Performers and Prophets
Fetishes and Obsessions
Drag and Transgendered
Gothic and Vampyre Culture
Fashion Designers and Costumers

Nightlife and Club Culture

The most up-to-date information on New York City's alternative clubscenes - from neo-Burlesque to Gay Bears, is found at the busy nightclub message boards The Motherboards NYC. It's also a surprisingly friendly online community, and a great place to check before coming to town for a nightclub tourism binge.

Gay Nightlife Listings, both for boys and girls, are well covered by, though sometimes changes in nights can take a while to show up here. "Homo Musts" are varied and include early and latenight offerings.

Althea's N.Y. Gothic Events Page is an extremely comphrehensive resource for all manner of gothic events in the NY area.

The Cincinnati-based Club Creatures site proves that the web enables scenesters in smaller cities to keep up with AND participate in cutting-edge Night Culture. This enthusiastic clubhouse cum site, hosted by Zazoo and Satori, has one of the best links pages on glam clubbing we've ever seen.

We met Tina Paul many magical nights ago at the Paradise Garage, doing what she's still doing- documenting nightlife scenes revolving around dance music and DJs. With partner The Lady Arhlene, she keeps an Electric Ladyland of DJ and club reportage.

Performers and Prophets

One of the most electric acts currently gracing New York stages is the demented duo Kiki and Herb (Justin Bond and Ken Mellman.) Their new site offers performance news, pictures and their fabulous CD "Jesus Wept" for sale, all in the plaintive, twisted tones of their dark lounge act.

Voltaire is Goth's true Renaissance man, from his Paganini-influenced Projekt CD and his animation for MTV to his "Oh My Goth" comic zine. Experience it here...

Original Southern transgendered punk icon and Jackie 60 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Jayne County now has her own site, maintained by some passionate British Jayneiacs. If you can't get enough of the lovable, trash-mouthed Ms. County, or the stories behind her songs you'll wallow here!

Kembra Pfahler of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black performed at Click's opening night in 1996, and was a tireless performance presence at MOTHER through closing night. Check out Kembra, Samoa, and all their pals on the Karen Black site

The three brilliant years (1992-5) of downtown performance troupe Blacklips, are beautifully documented on this archival site. Blacklips impresario and haunting vocalist Antony went on to found Antony and The Johnsons with Blacklips alumni Johanna Constantine.

We're always a bit in awe of The World Famous Pontani Sisters . These intensely artistic ladies are a travelling tap dance and burlesque company in the manner of Gypsy Rose Lee. Their repetoire ranges from punk can-can to "Godfather Chair Dance", and its all documented on their site.
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Fetishes and Obsessions

The one-stop shop for everything NYC Pro-Domme and Fetish is the massive Max Fisch Domina Guide and discussions. An extensive listing of hundreds of professional dominant sites and busy discussion boards make this a destination of choice for everyone from beginners to veteran scenesters. The new Event Calendar is easy to use and THE HANG forums always informative.

The House of Domination is the legendary S/M "method go-go" performance troupe, resident at Jackie 60 and MOTHER for many years, who are now featured at large-scale fetish events in New York.

The fetish world would have had a totally different face had the U.K.-based Skin Two empire never been created. Their dual sites, pay and free, were among the earliest to translate high production values to the web, and they remain the standard against which all serious fetish sites are judged.

One of the most exhaustive fetish sites belongs to latex design dom The Baroness. Find out about her monthly fetish parties and preview her latest fashions at

Drag and Transgendered

The fabulous Queen Mother site has our full drag, transgendered and transsexual links page as well as lots of photos of the New York drag scene, drag divas and transsexual issues. It also has busy message boards for the latest on drag and transgendered nightlife..

The NY ballhouse community glimpsed in "Paris Is Burning" revolved for many years around Sally's Hideaway, the Times Square drag den frequented by legends including Dorian Corey and Queen Mother's own Gina Germaine. Photographer Brian Lantelme has documented these beauties for many years and we are delighted that his site is now online.

L.A.-based Drag terrorista and performance icon Doctor Vaginal Creme Davis has performed shrimping shows at Jackie 60, and generally frightened the horses for years. If you've never experienced Vag, or if you're a devoted fan, you'll definitely want to visit her wordy and over-the-top site.

For over a decade, Miss Understood brought a much-needed professionalism to drag go-go stints at our clubs and countless others worldwide. Her Screaming Queens company and website is a talent agency for drag queens. If you've always wanted to bring a DQ home with you for the holidays, or just need some color for a drab party, give this site a look.

The Lady Bunny's Drag-stravaganza Wigstock was a Labor Day must-attend for the wigged and bedragged of all persuasions for over fifteen years. Lots of pics of audience and performers and more.. Now Bunny writes a marvelously entertaining blog, pulling no punches!

The Cockettes were the spiritual godmothers of every Raging Queen and Gender Illusionist currently scandalizing the populace: They paved the way towards much that we hold dear, and they did it in 1970-2. Visit HIBISCUS, PRISTINE CONDITION and all the rest here - We don't usually recommend Geocities sites, but this one is well worth the pop-up torture!

Gothic and Vampyre Culture

Sabretooth is a New York based vampyre and dark fetish entertainment empire founded by master fangmaker Father Sebastian. Projects and events covered here include NYC Vampyre nightlife, and special events including the New Orleans and New York City Endless Night Vampyre's Festivals.

If one young faerie can singlehandedly create and maintain a site as good as Neitherland then why do other sites need so much pricey talent? Webmistress Discord Lazarus (Debbie Gloom) maintains this dark gem with up-to-date gothic and darkwave event information and ferocious niche topics like "Gothic Crafts and Cooking".

Mistress McCutchan was a frequent early-night DJ at MOTHER, and a co-producer of The Snow Ball and Candleland, ethereal festivals held at the club. Her Morbid Outlook zine is a goth must-read.

Althea's N.Y. Gothic Events Page is an extremely comphrehensive resource for all manner of gothic events in the NY area. Althea also maintains a wonderful Gothic mailing list(subscription info is on the site) as well as producing Alchemy, a Monday night party.

Another excellent local guide to the darker side is which includes schedules, printable passes, and lots more for the outgoing goth.

MOTHER's New Edwardians and Victorian Horror buffs seem especially fond of Jack The Ripper. This exhaustive site (the world's largest on the subject) is a Ripper fan's delight.

Costumes and Designers

Pat Field and her House of Field practically invented costume as fashion, and certainly have done it longer and better than anyone we can think of. We're delighted that this fashion empire has an online home - as its so convenient to mail-order such staples as her signature stretch under-outerwear from the comfort of home!

Michelle Korn is a young designer who showed regularly at MOTHER, and dresses many of its denizens (including Empress Chi Chi Valenti) in lavish period reconstructions. Her line is called Ophelia Unbound, and her site includes ordering information.

Underground Aristocracy is the site of NY-based custom corsetmaker Shumit Basu, who has created many of the tight waists at Click + Drag and other Fetish/fantasy costume events around town. Full catalog and ordering instructions for these wearable works of art, as well as a great tag line - "stitched in sadness and hemmed with fear!"