The Closing of MOTHER

Mother's imminent closing on June 29, 2000 was announced on Mother's Day by club owner/impresarios Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell. Since then, we have been completey touched by the outpouring of gratitude, support and encouragement from all corners of town and the planet. In answer to your questions, all news about the future of your favorite MOTHER nights, closing month activities and future club projects will be available from this site's top page at as it happens. Just as many of you originally found the club online, this site will remain an intact and vibrant source for information on All Tommorrow's Parties for many years to come..

The complete text follows..

Mother's Day, 2000

The historic nightclub MOTHER, our beloved laboratory for late-night club performance, will close on June 29, 2000. The ever-increasing costs of doing business in the Meat Market, coupled with the displacement of the transvestites, Meat Men and artists who gave the neighborhood such unique flavor, were a powerful incentive for us to make this decision now. The streets which used to add so much to our nights now have now begun to detract from them, and will only detract more in the years to come. We are immensely proud of the creations that were born and flourished at MOTHER in the last decade, from Jackie 60 and Clit Club to the "newcomers" Click + Drag, Martha @ MOTHER and the rest. We are not interested in changing this very specialized programming, or catering to the khaki-clad or Prada-clad masses, and would rather close our doors intact and still-golden.

There are other reasons of course. In almost every major city in the free world, our work as nocturnal artists and performers would be recognized as such, or even subsidized. Under this city's ongoing anti-club climate, we spent way too much time on a minutae of arcane city ordinances, and we confess- we no longer care if the "No Smoking" sign in the bathroom has fallen off the wall! We are eager to use that energy elsewhere -to create.

Since our earliest club online experiences in 1992, we have been using the various Internet tools as they developed - from IRC chat to our web sites Interjackie(1995-7) and (1996-present.) Argueably, our niche-rich form of nightlife would never have flourished as it did without this chance to build a worldwide audience of like-minded souls. We have long dreamed of bringing people the experience of our most rarified nights in the privacy of their homes, and with the new tools at our disposal, especially broadband, that is finally possible, and so MOTHER is in a sense moving the hacienda online. We'd like to inject as much of MOTHER's climate of tolerance and pansexuality as possible into this dream space, and we hope to see many of you there -bandwith permitting, of course!

We are far from done with our work as live producers, however. Many of The Jackie Factory's most cherished nights will continue elsewhere, including the Last Tuesday parties at a new venue come July and the large-scale fetish event The Goddess Ball. Many of MOTHER's other nights will also be continuing on in new homes, including Click + Drag. We will of course have updates on all closing-related news for you in the weeks to come, and promise a rather spectacular last season and final week, including The Tenth Annual Brown Party on June 27 and Closing Night June 29.

In closing, we'd like to thank our audience, the thousands of dreamers, seekers and freaks from countless countries, who have joined us for a night or a decade as we voyaged towards nocturnal nirvana. It is indeed the end of an era - but we have faith that it will be the beginning of one too.


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