For the Love of MOTHER:
Here's a sampling from the hundreds of pieces of mail we received and posts from the "Motherlove" Yahoo group (circa 2000) from our beloved audience after the venue's closing in June, 2000.
Used with permission of the authors, and thanks to everyone who took time to write.
Ah, (shriek!), another light goes out....

It is too hard to imagine your elegant venue being dismantled---please say you only mean to *relocate* to another _physical_ space as well as to cyberspace!

in goth,
Glory NY

All the best & may a plague of biblical proportions visit our mayor for all the damage he has inflicted on those who so valiantly attempt to expand the ever narrowing gates of culture in NYC.

Philip, West 14th Street

But golly couldn't 'Giulie' have just pitter-pattered on OUT of our lives on his run-down spike-heels like a good hypocrite slut... I thought we only had about 6 more months to tolerate 'her'...

Falon goes, "Now I'm gonna have to leave New York!" so I dutifully I regaled him with the history of our Moveable Feast... the wandering Mudd Kids, Rudolph's red-nosed faithfulles, and all of us on the horn keeping in sync with The Company, wherever it willed to go that week...

"It's not the place hon - it's the people!"

And as Rene always insisted, whenever I would flip out about having to move 'AGAIN"...

"Get used to it. True artists are ALWAYS peripatetic!"

- Terence Sellers

Dear club Mother -

Just as if the Mother Goddess was leaving us to worship Christ, I'm totally saddened that you are closing, but DID have forwarning, and there fore was prepared.

Some of my better Manhattan memories are from within your establishment, yea. Very free, very real, very sexy, very sane at least for the avant garde and counter culture vampyrical.

Tho, with the way the City has changed the past few years, it may be best to be progressive privately, and start watching the real freaks for a bit.. LOL.

Anyways - you all will be missed!

Best regards - Lilii

Just a very quick note to say farewell to Mother. Thank you for some very fond memories of my times in NYC and especially Jackie 60. I shall in particular remember it for Chi Chi's verbal abuse (Take it Back to the backing of Moments in Love by the Art of Noise), Johnny's wonderful soundtrack to which I fell about in a haze of Jackie's and Coke and Californian Supergrass, the lucious tones of Mr Alexander, Salon Kitty's first (and not very good!) performance in the US, my first sexual encounter in the US (!)and the time we invited a selection of Jackie 60's party people back to the Chelsea for an impromptu and riotous party.

Congratulations for the immense feats of creating something so special, managing to maintain it for so long and for knowing when to end on a high!

Fondest love,
Neil 'Drama Prince' Albert
Salon Kitty


Congratulations! You have succeeded in breaking an already broken heart.I have been to your club at least once a month in the past few years.It to me has been a getaway from this miserable existence i call life. I will be very sad to not have this salvation anymore. Where else do we go? Downtime? Ha!

With all of my love and hatred,
Pete Mwanegacy

I can't help to feel sad as dead.... I'm from Argentina an I was in Mother just two times last year. It was the familiar feeling of being at home what turn me a lover fan of you..

I'm gonna miss you a lot
Adrian Spivak

Many maybe saddened by the news of Mother closing or Jackie Vacationing but I for one rejoice and savor every moment I experienced the many nights I was able to attend. I will be forever grateful to the last club in NYC that allowed the tradition of Rollerena to live on. I will be forever indebted to the last people who gave honorarium and recognition to artists spending the meager remains of any surplus income to create the many manifestations of night creature and character that made Jackie and Mother the wildest fun place in town. I love all of you forever, Chi Chi, Johnny, Kitty, Hatti, Robbi, Abby and this is only one-tenth of the short list.

Dicky Darling
rb//nyc//bronx//belmont section

..I'm pretty much your typical guy in the crowd, provided you're hanging out in a crowd of gender-fucking Vodouisants with shaved heads and high heels. I've been described as "that androgynous bald guy who looks like he's from Stargate." This may not narrow things down much, given Click & Drag's regulars, but who knows, it may help.

I have only been hanging out at Mother for the past six months or so... but for most of that time it was the *only* place I hung out. (It had everything I wanted; pretty people, perversion, pot smoking... who could ask for more?)..

Kevin aka nymagickman
Posted to the motherlove e-group

I am very sorry to see Mother gone. I can remember playing at the Cooler with beautiful transvestites at the bar and a hunger for new art. Your club was one of the only places where my mistress and i could go and be accepted and admired. There are so few places to go and wear rubber or anything exotic!!

Thank you for the memories that you have given us,

I will always and forever regard you as my own Mother in the life of a pangendered goddess of the night. . .

Please don't forget me. The sweetest strangest moments of my life happened under your gaze. Enjoy a well earned respite from the good fight.

All my love,
brown bettie domination
a prodigal daughter who vows each day to return home to her MoTheR

..Its almost like we are mourning the loss of a dear friend and all of a sudden no one can hold a candle to our "friend"...

Whenever I talk to people from out of town they always say the same thing: Yeah we went to the Batcave, but not to Mother...we were scared of Mother. I then ask them what they meant by scared and it was usually in the vein of that Mother was the real deal or they didn't think they could dress well enough for Mother so they just threw on some black and headed for the BatCave.

But one thing I really miss about Mother was the layout. You could chill in the Versailles room, you could also hang out downstairs and you could dance your ass on the dance floor...

The pulse of mother was chi chi pure and simple...when you care about something it is usually pretty awesome and her care showed for many years. I am not sure who owns BatCave but Chi Chi...if you are reading this maybe you can consult with these guys on how to improve the cave? (Charge them a lot!! but you would be doing a great service!)

Mother was not perfect but they did the right things right.

Leonardo -
Posted to the motherlove e-group

..I have to honestly say im glad you closed bcause Mother's was a snobby place where you had to look like a freak to get in. It was sort of a reverse fraternity where the cherleaders were left outside while some vampire midget walzed in.

Take your show on the road or on the net but keep it out of ny- BTW im amazed you want to print this but go ahead

Big Ted

I've been lurking in this group, in part because I'm -- let's face it -- still in shock and something of denial about Mother's End. I'm working on a long post/essay about what Mother meant -- and means -- to me, as a place where I was not just allowed, but encouraged and supported in my efforts, to be everything: audience, singer, dancer, performance artist, poetry appreciator, all in the context of other people who were willing and able to inspire, support...

Anyway, what I did want to say is Heaven is no longer in one place anymore. Not that Mother was totally Heaven -- nothing is -- but there were nights when it came as close as almost anything else I've ever experienced, when the people, the music, the energy, all moved together. (I'm gonna start crying again...)

One thing I'd like to ask of folks, in all seriousness:

One of the greatest things I found about every night I attended at Mother was that I could go up to people, and tell them how beautiful they were, regardless of gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, regardless of all those things that people use to separate themselves from each other. It was *actually* *okay* to pass someone and say, "You're absolutely beautiful," and have it taken in precisely that way, as a statement about them, and the pleasure they gave to me, without it being seen as a comeon, or anything other than a pure appreciation of their existence in my universe. And to have someone pass me with a comment like that was, and still is, a gift beyond measure.

I hope that that continues -- and that it spreads -- as one of the legacies of Mother, than we can all give those gifts to each other, and to strangers.

Posted to the motherlove e-group

..We are all, now, Motherless Children. As I am over age 60, that is no mean feat

Maximillian, Paris

I've been living in ny for the past 7 months but discovered "mother" only a month and a half ago. finally after all this time i found a place that had all i ever wanted.a place I could belong to. the beautiful people,the amazing music,the fantastic shows. I feel like i got a taste from heaven(or hell...) but I can't get any more.

what will I do with my leather clothes now?

fallen from eden
TomerAngel, Israel

I and many of my friends have spent much of our time in your home. My first night there was like finding heaven. A place so vibrant and alive with creativity that it awakened us. It became a contest and a playful game to see who could come up with the best outfit idea for each week's theme. It didn't have to be the most expensive or the most well made but it always had to be creative, new, and clever.

I believe that you did more for the world and for art than the Guggenheim or the Met has in a long while. You helped people create their own art.

- Pacita Prasarn

The Mother Years, as they will be called by my biographers, have been the happiest of all. I owe you all such a debt of gratitude, and you all have my love, "my special love," as Cordelia insists on having sent to Sebastian in Brideshead Revisited...


I grew up there. The end of an era.


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