Mother's Milk

By Bobby Miller (written for and performed at Mother's End.)

The email missive came hunched on the back of Mother's Day.
Mother Chi Chi Herself revealing the future.
My mind going blank at the foreboding news.
The end is near.
In fact it's here
And we must bolster ourselves anew.

But oh those memories..

Gina Varla Vitro on the baby grand
Debbie singing as a man
Mommy in her Elvis drag
Daddy dressed as a PR Hag
Daddy onstage with a 3 foot schlong
Connie Girl as Connie Chong,
Bankheads heaven in all they do,
Marti Domination dancing with a shoe,
Paul Skiff drumming to his own beat,
Miss Arias in the bathroom servicing the meat.
Rose serving liquer in her best outfit
Daddy spinning records hit after hit,
Drag queens aplenty dashing to and fro,
Straight boys telling them no, yes, no..
Trannies being chased upstairs and down,
Paulie dressed in a brand new gown,
Jackie Beat, Alexis and sexy Mario too,
The clit club women doing what they do,
Mommy on the mike spinning out a tale,
Rob and Ambrosia pouring the ale,
Kitty at the door questioning shoes,
Strawberry working the Sephardic Jews,
Alba rolling spliffs in the DJ booth,
Jack and Curtis in feathers and grey houndstooth,
Merlin snapping pictures at Click and Drag,
Hattie giving fashion tips to some drag hag,
Johnnie Tingle at the bar setting them straight,
Love on the mainstage no room for hate.
Rainbow, Peace Sign and all the gang
Dancing and partying and shaking their thang,
The Glamour Gobs with their glitter and gop,
And let's not forget little Lollipop
Groovy with her tits out doing a dance,
Randella putting trannie chasers in a trance,
Sweetie and the Queen Bees turning it out,
Ivan and Flowrider showin' what it's about,
Carrie and Irene and Tony at the door,
Leather Man Mike as a glitter glam whore,
Kiki and Herb and Sammy Jo all right,
Candice Cayne high kicking into the night,
Aldo and Craig mixing up some hot sounds,
Ginger and Poison Eve both wearing crowns,
Ingrid and Whitey and The House of Domination,
Dean and The Weenies and D Generation,
Martha at Mother packing them in,
Genocide and Jessica with looks that win,
Terence and Falon in outfits to die,
Johanna in a waist cincher that'd make you cry,
Antony blacklips singing so sweet,
Me, Bobby Miller, swinging my meat,
Carly and Kaos and Muscleman Joe,
Auton and Meow and whoever they know,
Cybersluts in metal and rubber and steel,
Madam Cole with a few slaves under her heel,
Sherry Vine hitting high notes singin' her songs,
The bathroom cam showin all those schlongs,
Rob, Michael and Abby doing Click and Drag,
The Brown Party bringing out the very best hags,
Scott Fritz and Art not forgotten but gone,
Like Costa and Gens their memories live on,
Special people like these hold special places,
Our memories full of their smiling faces,
Flotilla, Varla Jean and sweet John Kelly,
Pretty Jean, Miss Sugar and all things nellie,
O'Brien and Benedict, the Jackie Hustle,
Mommy wearing satin and an oversized bustle,
Jackie's Baby flying high on the arm of Basil Twist,
After tonight it'll all be missed,
JoJo and Flloyd, Mona Foot and Gnome,
Each made Mother their part time home,
Len Whitney and Matthew came and went
Father Vincent and the Fang Club made a big dent,
Nicole Zaray and Trash were the first drag kings
Moby Dick and her pals too came and shook their things,
Pat Field and her gang in their best duds,
Formika, Michael T and all their buds,
Gabrielle and Heroes and The Mother website,
Flavine and Ducky Doolittle doing it right,
Bobbie Jean and Mikey, Andrea Boozewah,
And The Old Lady Bunny who says "Douche? Why?"
Desmond, Slava, Cathay Che and her dog,
Jonah Falcon showing everyone his big old hog.
Willow and Pablo and Angel did their part,
Brian and Javier too served from the heart,
Steve at the door and Roderick in the house,
Todd Tommorrow working fashions all by Sprouse,
Keith, Patrick Butts and Ray The Way,
The Jackie Movie Crew shooting night and day.
Diandra and Crystal 86'd at the door,
Roman Holiday and Champain offering more,
The Stevies, The Shoe Balls and Verbal Abuse,
The Masters and Mistresses tying the noose,
The Lifetime Achivement Jackie Award,
All of this kept us anything but bored.

The Brown Couch Memories.
The Jackie Hustle.
Mother and her band of angels.
Making promises to our souls
To begin again to spin
A new chapter in our realities.

And to never forget ten long and luscious years
With a sexy little girl named Jackie
Who became the Mother of us all.

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