Seminal, unforgettable NYC venue MOTHER closed her doors on June 30, 2000 after a four year run that began in 1996 on the glam coattails of JACKIE 60. More on the club's closing night, and her legacy - with help from MOTHER's beloved audience.

Why? Club Impresarios Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell give their reasons for closing

Johnny Dynell and Chi Chi Valenti

Ah, (shriek!), another light goes out....
For The Love of MOTHER: Our Patrons React
First-Hand Accounts of MOTHER's Closing Night
BLONDIE song/video MOTHER released 9/13/11
"Mother's Milk", Bobby Miller's epic poem performed closing night.
Mother's End flier design by Johnny Dynell, Confetti by club regulars Adam Alexander and Leslie. Photo of Dynell and Valenti by Paul Brissman.
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