Jackie 60 archivist Tina Paul (and her lady-love Arhlene Ayalin) have spent a decade documenting hundreds of legendary Jackie 60 nights. This work has been published in nightlife publications worldwide, several books, their own excellent website fifibear.com, more than a few tabloids, and as part of a documentary video the pair shot about the House of Domination. Enjoy these gems from important early nineties Jackie 60 nights - We promise to add more for you before long. Click any thumbnail for a larger view.

The Cybersluts @ Jackie Hackers #1, 1992

Debbie Harry and Duelling Bankheads, 1993

Marti and Mad Dawg Domination at Dada Night, 1993

Gloryhole and Kym Domination at Septemberfest, 1994


Visit Tina's site, www.fifibear.com for lots more House of Domination and Jackie 60 photos

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