Jackie Likes Dress Codes, enough to have two every week: the Classic Code, which lists always-approved staples and obvious no-nos, and the weekly dress code, which is thematically correct and a great way for the Jackie public to participate in our everchanging themes.

The Classic Code, which hangs at the front door, was inspired by the original Mine Shaft dress code (which hung at the entrance to the legendary seventies Meat Market gay sex club.) The Weekly Code appears on our invitations, a fashion interpretation of the theme that helps guide our flock when dressing for the evening to come.

Some Of Our Favorite Weekly Dress Codes

Tuesday October 4th,1994 - The Booty Ball
Chaps, thong back g-strings, Westwood padded derriere-wear, bustles, hot pants, butt plugs, Frederick's padded girdles, posterior tattoos, high-cut swimsuits, ladies panties for butch queens only, André Walker hobble skirts, or Kitty Boots studded panties only.

Tuesday November 1, 1994 - Jackie Hackers 4: Interjackie
Glam nerd looks, silver or neon vinyl clothing, cyberslut drag, lamé pocket protectors, laptops, wired or 2600 t-shirts, rave-wear, classic fetish, Stephen Sprouse cyber-wear, goggles, recycled computer jewelry, zippy-wear, portable phones or Kitty Boots t-shirts only.

Tuesday November 29, 1994 - Fiddler In The Hood
(The first Kosher Gangsta Musical)
Oversized gold chains with star of David pendants, Gaultier Hasidic couture, fringed prayer shawls with Adidas warmup jackets, shrimp earrings & peyes (side curls), yarmulkes with ³X² embroidered patches, Nation of Islam gear, phylactery or Jackie 60/ Kitty Boots.

Tuesday January 24th, 1995 - Bleak House
(Jackie examines the orphanage question)
Dickensian beggar-wear, gruel bowls and utensils, cruikshank glamour, bonnets, shawls, black cockney caps, Vivienne Westwood urchin looks, ragged short pants and ill-fitting short jackets, grime smudges, top hats, period tight-lacing (1840's), Fagin cloaks, stolen wallets, cravats or Jackie 60/ Kitty Boots only.

Tuesday February 7, 1995 - The Now is Utopia (Jackie remembers Fluxus)
1. While blindfolded pick up anything at your feet
2. Wear a collection of unkown spectacles
3. Construct clothing out of televisions and radios of old-type beauty and low frequency
4. Wear non-fashion or anti-fashion
5. Carry a box of smiles.

Tuesday February 21, 1995 - Klingon Women
Horseshoe crab foreheads and long brown wigs, starfleet tunics and uniforms, vulcan ears, Klingon kleavage, Courreges space sixties-wear, space hippie, Romulan formal wear, holodeck period attire, Geordi visors, Leonard Nimoy drag for butch women of Jackie 60/Kitty Boots only. No Ferengi clichés.

Tuesday March 7, 1995 - The Jackie Awards
Winning smiles, Bankhead wigs with smeared red lipstick, flawless evening wear, tiaras and important jewlery, brown ribbons, tuxedos and tails, sequins, feathers and beads, sore loser face, medals and O.B.E.s, glam drag, streaker, special effects makeup, classic fetish, or Jackie 60 only.

Tuesday May 9, 1995 - The Fifth Annual Salute to Stevie Nicks
Fringed shawls, velvet hooded cloaks, baby's breath with ribbons, ruched boot covers, Victorian coke spoons, tambourines, best hair in rock and roll, seventies gypsy, pre-Raphaelite, handkerchief hems, Lindsey Buckingham drag, Edwardian bustiers, leather and lace or Jackie 60 only.

Tuesday May 16, 1995 - She-Male Reformatory 2
Prison stripes, stubble with Dermablend, warden drag, ball and chain accessories, chain gang realness for butch women , black-market Primaren packages addressed to Honey Dijon, coveralls and pumps, bedsheet couture a la Rikers, garters with concealed shivs, heaving bosoms, or Jackie 60/Kitty Boots only.

Tuesday July 25, 1995 - Jackie Hackers 5: Where in the world is Kitty Boots?
(Jackie explores Computer Gaming)
Cyberslut, clockwork knight, Carmen Sandiego Retro, Hello Kitty, metal and lace or aeonflux domination, illuminati, Power Ranger spandex, Anime motifs, Dungeons and Dragons cybergoth, V.R. goggles, leisure suit Larry drag for butch women, superhero(ine), Rayman psychedelia or Jackie 60/Kitty Boots.



Rob Roth for The Jackie Factory ©1995